TheBat!Sync v1.5.0 for PalmOS™

New opportunities for users of TheBat! – TheBat! Sync now for PalmOS and Windows Mobile!.

TheBat! Sync has been developed in attempt to significantly simplify daily activities and communications for those who use TheBat! superior e-mail client and can not do without their handheld with PalmOS or Windows Mobile. The program is extremely useful if you are flexible and mobile and always want to have your address book by your side. The program becomes even of more importance if you have over a hundred records in your address book.

TheBat! Sync is a special synchronization module which enables you to edit your contacts’ details (name, phone number, e-mail address, notes) either on you handheld or your PC or laptop and then all you need to do is only to perform synchronization which is standard for your particular handheld model. All the changes made to your contacts will be thus mutually synchronized.

With the help of this module you can easily synchronize address books between copies of TheBat! on several different PCs. This allows you to have the most up-to-date contacts’ information both at your working place, at home, at your laptop and, more importantly, on the tip of your stylus.

Currently there are two versions of TheBat! Sync available:
  • TheBat! Sync for PalmOS – version 1.5.0
  • Thebat! Sync for Windows Mobile – version 1.0.4
TheBat! Sync – is a result of days of re-programming, weeks of testing, dozens of letters from our test-users and hours of troubleshooting. We would be happy to know that it could be of help to you.

For further information, new versions of the program, requirements and installation details, please, refer to our home page: